Decades of experience in the audio industry.

Although a relatively new name, the people behind Westbrook have had decades of experience in the audio industry.

To this end, each design is subject to extensive measurements and hours of subjective evaluation before it is signed off for production. Every speaker is tested and listened to before it leaves us.

Wherever possible, we use components from the UK and the rest of Europe. The drivers are of Scandinavian design and/or manufacture which guarantees consistent quality alongside sublime performance. We take a pragmatic approach to loudspeaker development: each model is designed on the basis of “whatever works best” so there are no constraints or compromises brought about by attempting to conceive a uniform range using the same drive units throughout.

Our cabinets are all hand finished and pair-matched in the UK and Poland and are appropriately damped and braced. There is a choice of standard finishes and others can be ordered (though these could involve a long wait!)

The secret ingredient of a loudspeaker is its crossover, the electrical circuit which gives the speaker its “voice”. We develop our crossovers to be as simple as possible without compromising the overall tonal balance and we use only high-grade components from the UK (North Wales to be precise!), Germany and Denmark.

Our development team comprises three highly experienced designers and all three share the same goal…to produce some of the finest, most musically-rewarding loudspeakers available.